Pacific Whale Foundation’s core values reflect what makes us truly unique as an environmental organization and as a social enterprise. Since 1980 and as we continue to grow, we strive:

  • To be economically independent and self-sufficient

  • To conduct business in an efficient and profitable manner to further our mission

  • To foster a climate that encourages innovation, creativity, and progressive thinking

  • To connect and satisfy people through sharing knowledge and research

  • To be pragmatic, critical-thinking, and focused on solutions

  • To conduct ourselves with excellence and the highest degree of
    professional integrity

  • To create collaborative relationships that have a positive impact on
    the environment

  • To be committed to global diversification, training, and communication with respect to responsible whalewatching and research

  • To use environmentally sound practices when conducting business

  • To be committed to the health, welfare, safety and happiness of our employees and their families

  • To honor and respect the responsibility that our supporters place in us

  • To model environmentally values-based choices in a resourceful business

  • To foster and maintain a fair and positive workplace


Support a Great Cause


All proceeds from the event support Pacific Whale Foundation's humpback whale research in Hawaii and other parts of the Pacific, marine education programs for local school children, as well as conservation programs including efforts to keep marine debris out of our oceans, prevent vessel-whale collisions, and end whaling worldwide.


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