Since 1980, Pacific Whale Foundation has been leading the charge in advocacy, research and education for the protection of whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine animals living wild in their natural habitat. Our organization has a successful track record of creating change resulting in improved management of valuable marine resources and animals.

Our scientific research in Hawai‘i, Australia, Ecuador and Chile actively informs global policies that will change the future of our world’s oceans, while our commitment to youth education programs is inspiring the next generation of ocean advocates for our environment and future leaders in our community. Each day our programs actively engage people of all ages from around the world in opportunities to make a measurable difference for the environment.

Made up of a global network of members and donors, we are committed to positively impacting the health and survival of our oceans and marine animals through award-winning Research, Education and Conservation work. We have produced 314 peer-reviewed scientific publications, reports, conference presentations, and books; created 3 core citizen-science platforms that directly engage the public in our ongoing research and conservation work; logged 100,000 hours in environmental certification training for our marine naturalists; enabled access to science education and keiki whale watching adventures to thousands of schoolchildren; and served millions of ecotour passengers of all ages, sharing our impacts, initiatives and messages while offering an experiential model of our mission work. Together, we are empowering and strengthening a culture of educated, motivated and inspired ocean advocates whose impact can traverse all borders and will benefit many generations to come.

The recent shift in environmental policy priorities and goals cannot overshadow the values and impacts that oceans have on our lives and everyday well-being. By building and sharing our toolbox for environmental research, education and conservation, we can be the change-makers.

We invite your participation in this remarkable journey.


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All proceeds from the event support Pacific Whale Foundation's humpback whale research in Hawaii and other parts of the Pacific, marine education programs for local school children, as well as conservation programs including efforts to keep marine debris out of our oceans, prevent vessel-whale collisions, and end whaling worldwide.


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